It's something we all need. Many of us enjoy the food we eat, some of us complain the food we have isn't good enough, while others are simply happy to have a basic meal.

This photography exhibit, which is open free to the public from July 15 to August 16, 2015, consists of over thirty photographs that explore the cultural fabric of diverse Edmonton's food scene. The images take you "off the menu", an experience that both hardcore foodies and anyone who finds food interesting will enjoy.

It was a daunting task. As a photographer, I am used to being behind the camera, not front and center. Embarking on a journey to photograph the food culture of my city and region, and expose my work in a high traffic venue, got my butterflies going. Although all the images you will see are all mine, I must confess this exhibit came to life because of the faith and commitment of the following individuals and companies.

The majority of the credit goes to the one who produced this exhibit, Jennifer Fisk from Freestone Communications. She believed in the project and pushed me as an artist to keep my focus and give my project the voice it needed. As artists, we have a tendency to stray, making decisions from the heart and the passion of the day. The Shaw Conference Centre was instrumental as they agreed to host the opening night and the exhibit for a month. Vision Creative came up with the exhibit name "Off the Menu" as well as the branding behind it. Kevan Morin designed and built the website you are viewing right now, and extraordinary printer Klyment Tan provided the canvas printing of all my images at a reduced cost.

Thank you for believing in me. I hope this exhibit inspires you to go "off the menu", so you too can explore the vibrant food scene unfolding around us.

- C.